It’s been eighty-two days exactly since I’ve graduated from my shitty liberal arts college. My mom always says it couldn’t have been that bad. After all,  I met the love of my life (see below), reunited with an old friend from childhood and graduated with honors in my major and minor.

Tom’s claim to Mville fame, 5/20/17

In the eighty-two days since graduating, the college that promised they’d help me find a job post-grad has let me down. I’m subscribed to so many job posting sites I can’t even keep track of them all. Between job scams, companies I apply to that don’t even send a “we’re sorry to inform you” e-mail, and the sheer lack of job openings in my field, I can’t even blame my alma mater for lack of success. But the “help” I’ve received since May 20th has been abysmal.

I’ve emailed the Center for Career Success begging for tips to boost my resume and how to give the perfect interview, each time not warranting a response. The same department that I raved about as a campus tour guide for providing help for alumni continuously disregard my call for help for whatever reason. Then again, this is the same department that told me spring semester junior year that I should change my major because finding an internship as a girl in the sports industry would be extremely difficult. And instead of listening to the monster who told me to give up on my dreams, I secured multiple sport internships to follow my dream.

I knew going into my major it would be difficult as a female to break into the industry, especially considering my fear of standing in front of a live camera and talking about the thing I know best. But constantly being shut down for trying to pursue my dream is making me consider a change, a change that would need me to start from scratch.

Would a change be the worst thing? Absolutely not. My life is continuously changing, in minor ways and in the most drastic of ways. In fact, each day it’s as if I get life-changing news. The key question: can I afford this change? As someone already flirting with debt until the day I die, a drastic career change will have me married to my debt permanently. Working towards an MBA concentrating in sport business is pushing me to the edge, with multiple sources telling me “even an MBA wouldn’t get you a job.”

I guess some things just aren’t meant to be.

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