In Case You Didn’t Know

If you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother, or at the very least live on this planet, you’ve likely heard the phrase “nothing good happens after 2 AM.” And while staring into the nothingness when I couldn’t sleep I came to realize that this statement is one hundred percent true. 

It’s something that I tweet every time I’m awake past this time. It’s something that each time I quote I realize that if nothing good has yet to happen after 2 AM, it’s never going to happen at all. 

2 AM is when you start to build scenarios up in your mind of things you wish had happened or things that you wish hadn’t had happened.

2 AM is the time you start to miss somebody that you know for sure you shouldn’t miss. It’s a time when you make a dumb decision to reach out to them hoping that things will change, when you know they never will no matter what time of day.

2 AM is when your deepest darkest thoughts creep into your mind. The time you spend after this is spent trying to figure out where these thoughts came from in the first place and how you’re possibly going to live with the scenario you cooked up in your mind that’s so impossible  you don’t know what to do with yourself.

So, to recap:

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