Nope, I’m Still Dating Tom

It’s incredible just how low some people will go. Over the course of a week, I’ve been asked several times if Tom and I have broken up. And unless you’ve heard it from him or me, it’s safe to assume that we’re still together. 

When asked this question (that annoys me to no end, might I add) and I respond no, it’s usually the same response of “oh! I’m sorry, I just noticed your profile pictures aren’t of each other!” Wait… 

Since my profile picture is of myself and Tom’s is his with his family, we’re broken up? 

What kind of sick, twisted social media obsessed person thinks a relationship is over because of a fucking profile picture??? If you really have nothing better to do, talk all the shit you want. But until the day you hear “it’s over” from the mouth of myself or Tom, we’re still together, we’re still in love, and he’s still my lobster. 

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