My Middle Is Going To College

You might read the title and say “what the fuck is a middle?” Being one of four kids and the second child to grace Deb and Pat’s family, I share the middle child title with my brother, Michael. For the longest time, we clashed. Everything was a fight, we didn’t find common ground on anything. And then when I went away to college, that all changed. 

When I went to college literally thirty minutes from home, something clicked in both our minds that life isn’t worth not being close as siblings. Since that moment, we’ve become closer than I (and my parents) would’ve ever imagined. Talking to my brother about the bare minimum became an every day occurrence, traveling all over the goddamn east coast for his baseball tournaments became second nature, and his transition from public school to private school was something I got to help him get through. But when his senior year crept up what seems like out of no where, I was not prepared to be so sad about him choosing a school so far from home.

Michael will be attending Saint Leo University, about thirty minutes away from the city of Tampa. He’s going to try to walk on to the baseball team after going under the knife for the dreaded Tommy John surgery his junior year of high school. But there’s something about his work ethic and passion for the game that to me is a no brainer he’ll make the team. At first, I was ecstatic at the thought of him going to a school out of state, something I did not have the opportunity to do. But as the days wind down to when he’s officially moved out of the Bronx, I can’t imagine going home and not seeing his goofy face waiting in the living room with his headset for the PlayStation strapped to his head. 

Every time he annoys me at home, I say I can’t wait for him to finally and move out. Obviously a huge joke, it’s going to take a lot of getting used to when we fly back from Florida short an Ahearn. 

Michael, I wish you nothing but the absolute best as you tackle the journey that is college. Make your college experience everything you could’ve ever imagined and then some. I’ll always be close to your number one fan, only coming short to Mom and Dad. Kick ass at workouts, walk on to that damn team, go to class, party until your purple, and don’t forget to call your sister every once in a while. 



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