Drink A Beer 

Two summers in a row, I’ve seen Luke Bryan in concert. He puts on a great show, full of kitty purrs, booty shaking and amazing music.

But two concerts in a row, I’ve cried like a baby. You might be thinking, “but this concert sounds great! Why would you cry?” 

Well, Luke has this song. It’s called “Drink A Beer.” Usually when a country song has he word beer in it, it’s an anthem for college students everywhere to get rowdy and shotgun whatever beer was cheapest. But this beer song isn’t even close to a reason to get blackout drunk. 

Whenever Luke gets to this song, my mascara filled tears race their way to my chin. When the guitar chords start, he says “this ones for anyone who has ever lost somebody.” And for me, that someone is always on my mind. My grandma. My greatest friend. The day she passed felt like the end of my entire world. 

And like Luke says, “sometimes the greater plan is kind of hard to understand.” And it’s true, I’ll never be able to make sense of why my Grandma was taken when I needed her most. And even though she’s gone, there will never be a time in which I’m not thinking about her. Or about all the amazing memories I’ve shared with her. I’ll never stop missing her, or looking for the signs that she’s with me. Because she’s always with me. And until the day we meet again, she’ll be my best friend. 

“So I’m gonna sit right here on the edge of this pier, and watch the sunset disappear. And drink a beer. “

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