DNA Results Are In! 

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post taking bets for what my ancestry contains. I sent a tube of my spit to a lab and the results came in today! 

I am of Irish descent. A truly shocking revelation, after proclaiming myself an Irish princess. To be exact, 68% of my ancestry is Irish, something I’ll always be proud of. 

In other news, the remaining 32% of my ancestry is a clusterfuck. And here’s what I mean by clusterfuck: 

Ancestry gave me extremely vague results, only pinpointing that my family is for sure from one country (Ireland). All the other results contain maps of countries that my ancestry could be from. So when they say European Jewish, it is probable I’m from any of these countries within the blue circle and the green margin:

So, that could mean I’m Latvian, lithuanian, Polish, Ukranian, Romanian, maybe even from Germany, Belarus, Hungary or Moldova! But which one is it?! I guess I’ll never know exactly, considering I grew up on a lie thinking I was definitely of German descent and now that’s up in the air. 

The other results I got put my DNA in countries like Slovakia, Russia, France, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, among several others. 

While I’m annoyed this kind of expensive (and I mean expensive for someone with a part-time job)  kit on really confirmed something I’ve known forever, it’s still cool to see on a map where your family might be from. So here’s to being a mutt! 

Peace, love & chicken nuggs,

Carbie Courtney, the predominately Irish mutt

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