Walk Away

It’s something you’ve always been good at. In the wake of argument, you would cry and run to your room. In times of sadness, you’d retreat to your lonely cave and wait for anyone, anyone to would give your dramatic self the time of day. Even in the good times, there was always someone more important to share your feelings with that didn’t share our last name. 

But what are we supposed to do when you walked away for good this time? You started the journey towards the end a long, long time ago. All for a love that is only existent to you. 

You chose to leave your family in the dark, numb to the person you were changing yourself to be for him. We didn’t even know who you were anymore, treating our home like a hotel constantly running through our doors like they were revolving.  

You’ve always have a flair for the dramatics, a much better actress than anyone would have ever thought. You walked out of all our lives and started a spell of your siblings being outcasted by our aunts and uncles, old friends of our parents who suddenly are supportive of your despicable actions. 

And you call yourself the black sheep. The only difference here is that you made it that way. Black sheep, black sheep, walk away. 

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