It’s Time To Talk About How Horrible Ross Geller Is

FRIENDS is arguably one of the greatest shows to have ever been on the air. For ten seasons, a group of six gave its viewer so many laughs and at times, we felt the pain of the characters. There were also times where the characters just absolutely annoyed us as viewers (I mean, Rachel and Joey together? C’mon. Chandler and his smoking habit? Monica and her consistently annoying urge to micromanage? You get it. )

But really, it’s time to talk about how fucking shitty Ross is. From the very beginning, he’s expected sympathy from everyone he comes in contact with. We get it Ross, your wife left you for another woman, but it’s no reason for you to be such an asshole. 

Even before his first wife left him, because y’know he’s been married THREE FUCKING TIMES, he started a club devoted to the hate of his long time love Rachel!!! Yeah, okay, fine, it wasn’t just on Ross, but still! For someone who proclaimed his love for Rachel from the very beginning, to have a club that was based on hate for her? That’s prettttty fucked up. 

Speaking of his obsession with Rachel, that’s all he ever was. Obsessed, and when they finally got together, he was possessive and controlling. He literally accuses her of “not having enough time for him” when she lands a job at her beloved Bloomingdale’s! What kind of fucked up boyfriend would be so incredibly unsupportive of their girlfriend getting a job they absolutely love! ROSS, THAT’S WHO. 

Speaking of being fucked up, remember when Ross and Rachel went on a .57385 second break which he blamed on his jealousy of co-worker Mark, Ross slept with someone else, met Rachel in his apartment while the belly-button ring girl was STILL THERE!!! Rachel pens him a very long letter about their relationship, which he PRETENDED TO READ for the sake of being together! 

Oh wait! (Spoiler alert) How about when Rachel GOT OFF THE PLANE FOR HIM and he made a joke about still being on a break. I mean seriously, if you need more proof just watch the show yourself. 

In conclusion, if this doesn’t post make you hate him, I’m sorry (not sorry, actually) but you’re extremely wrong. So Ross, this is for you:

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