Drinking Around the World

*I’d like to introduce one of my favorite people on this planet, my boyfriend Tom! Tom is a collaborator on this post, and hopefully for some in the future!*

That’s right, we traveled around the world to taste the worlds finest drinks (in Epcot). If you aren’t familiar with the concept of the drinking tour in Epcot, I highly suggest booking a trip to Disney and partaking in the festivities. This post is dedicated to ourtrip “around the world,” while showcasing the drinks that Tom and I had on our quest to get drunk.

To get started, I’ve included a map of Epcot with the eleven countries.


Disclaimer: Tom and I tackled the countries waaaaaay out of order and over the course of a couple of days (̶b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶w̶e̶’̶r̶e̶ ̶l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶ ̶b̶i̶t̶c̶h̶e̶s̶)̶.

Stop 1: Mexico

At our first stop, Tom had a cucumber lime margarita and I had a frozen strawberry margarita.

C: These margs were loaded with tequila, and by the time we walked to our next stop we were already tipsy. I highly recommend starting in Mexico, and definitely getting a traditional margarita!

T: If you are a big tequila fan I would recommend the cucumber lime margarita. This drink is mainly straight tequila with just enough lime to make it all go down easy. The cucumber slice put in the drink is a nice, tasty touch.Stop 2: Norway

In Anna and Elsa’s homeland, I had a “glass” of white zinfandel and Tom had a Linie Aquavit Glacier shot. By the look on Tom’s face when he drank it, he was not so much of a fan… but the wine was great!

C: I’m a big wine person, and the white zinfandel was great. What was not great was paying (I think) 10-11 dollars for a cup of wine that was more like a shot. Not happy with you Norway.

T: Linie Aquavit compares to the vikings of Norway’s past: Strong, and won’t go down without a fight.Stop 3: China

When we got to China, we were still drinking the last of our margaritas. We finally finished the last of the tequila and ordered a Peach Snap! and Canto Loopy. We’re not sure who had what, because the bartender didn’t tell us which was which.

C: Since we didn’t know which was which, we both drank a little of each. I thinkkkkkk I liked the Canto Loopy better, BUT both of these drinks were absolutely delicious. A little heavy on the ice which watered it down, but they were still very good.

T: Fun fact- I ordered the Peach Snap! and Courtney ordered the Canto Loopy. We both liked each others drinks and ended up switching, so in response to above, Courtney actually liked the Peach Snap! better. Regardless both drinks were delicious and the perfect combination of sweet and tart.Stop 4: Germany

This was the first country that Tom and I actually drank the same thing: Grapefruit beer. It was his idea, and at first I was wicked skeptical, but I’m super glad Tom insisted on this one!

C: Easily one of the greatest beers I have ever tasted. I used to be huge on beer, it was practically the only thing I would use to get drunk. And then a flip switched and I stopped drinking it (hello, tequila obsession), but this beer was one of my favorites in all of Epcot.

T: Discovering the amazingness that is the grapefruit beer in Germany is the equivalent to waking up on Christmas morning surrounded by all of top presents you asked Santa for, discovering a field full of tiny puppies, finding out that happy hour at your favorite bar is actually until midnight instead of 11pm, just a pure delight. It tasted amazing, went down smooth, and left me wanting one…. or twelve more. Stop 5: Italy

We got to Tom’s homeland (or one of them at least) and I was itching for a Bellini. And that’s what I had, a peach Bellini. Tom had a limoncello cocktail, but he can tell you about that.

C: I fucking loved this drink. Wow, it was absolutely delicious. We drank right in front of the Neptune fountain, and both made a wish (I wished to not leave Disney) before moving on to the next one.

BONUS: while eating dinner at Via Napoli, my drunk self ordered red sangria and I’m so happy I did. It was probably the best sangria I’ve ever had (not to mention the chicken parm literally resuscitated me). Thank you, Italy.

T: To this day I thank god every morning for the Veal Marsala I had at Via Napoli. (See Courtney’s resurrection story above.) In terms of the alcohol, my limoncello cocktail wasn’t one of my favorites but MAN was it strong. Stop 6: The American Adventure

A sorry excuse for the United States, Tom and I settled for two IPAs (yuck). He had the Honor Warrior IPA and I had the Killer Whale Ale.

C: Probably one of the worst experiences in all eleven countries. It could just be because it was an IPA and I’m not particularly a fan, or maybe because it was called American Adventure and not the United States. I don’t know, but the Killer Whale Ale didn’t do it for me. And what was even worse was Tom’s, the Honor Warrior IPA, I can’t even described what it tasted like because from the moment it hit my lips I wanted to forget.

T: Anybody who knows myself or Courtney know we aren’t big IPA fans. HOWEVER, how could Thomas Honour not try the HONOR Warrior IPA. I gave it my best shot and drank as much as I could. I was much more pleased with the Killer Whale Ale. Both beers had some pretty sick logos though. Stop 7: Japan

In Japan, Tom and I tried to figure out what would be the best tasting from their very limited menu. We ruled out hot sake and the shaved ice with alcohol over it, so I had plum wine and he had cold sake. (Yikes.)

C: Gross. No. I will not be drinking in Japan ever again (unless I’m already drunk and it gets pushed in my face). Plum wine: sounded great, was a huge let down. No further comment.

T: Kill me. Lukewarm Sake that was supposed to be cold was probably the worst thing I had in all eleven countries. But hey, at least it was only a shot. Stop 8: Morocco

In Morocco, we both had a Habibi Daiquiri. We were going to try the Blue Sultan, but since it contained almond liquor we had to hard pass that (thanks food allergies).

C: Okay, this drink was gooooood. The only downside to it was that the slushie machine at the concession stand was broken, so by the time you got to the bottom of the drink you were sipping straight liquor and felt like you could breathe fire. (The concession guy told us the machine was broken, we just took the chance on it.)

T: In all fairness to Morocco I can speak pretty confidently when I say this drink would have been much MUCH higher on both of our lists if it was actually frozen. Still, even with the broken machine the Habibi Daiquiri was really good and more importantly really strong. Stop 9: France

Probably one of my favorite stops on the tour, we both had Orange Grey Goose slushes in France. The scene in France was so pretty, it was getting dark and the Eiffel Tower was starting to light up. Just an overall cool place when you’re drunk (and starting to get emotional).

C: Favorite drink from the whole drinking around the world expedition. This drink was so fucking good, you have to try it for yourself! We drank in front of the (fake) Eiffel Tower and it was reaaal romantic. But honestly, I think Tom was feeling more romance for the drink than for me (see below).

T: The setting was perfect. Sun beginning to go down, standing in front of the mini Eiffel Tower in Epcot, a cool breeze blows, and I fell in love again… with an Orange Grey Goose Slush. My favorite drink in all eleven countries, France tops China and the UK by a hair. Stop 10: United Kingdom

In the land of our ancestors, Tom and I each had a beer. I had the Sam Smith Ale, he had a Magners Pear Cider.

C: I liked Tom’s drink sooo much better than mine, wow. I’m not saying the Sam Smith Ale sucked, but the Pear Cider was easily 400x better. I’ll definitely be getting that on my next trip around the world.

T: Oh Magners, how much I love you. Typically when we go out and I’m not in the mood for a glass of water (also known as Budlight), I’ll order Magners hard cider as long as the bar has it. When I saw the UK had a PEAR cider I almost cried. I downed that shit so quick it was like it was never there. And then I got sad. Stop 11: Canada

The last stop :'(. By the time we got to Canada, my body was absolutely shot. I couldn’t even fathom having another drink, so Tom and I shared a Moosehead Ale (and by shared, I mean I had a sip and he drank the rest).

C: The sip I had was good, can’t really remember it considering all the drinks I had before it. But Canada is a great place in general, so 10/10 would recommend.

T: The Moosehead Ale was a perfect drink to finish off with. Not too heavy, not too bitter. A nice smooth ale to cap off a shit show of 11 drinks in 11 countries. If you ever get the chance to go to Disney and have time to drink around the world, I would highly recommend it. It will be the most memorable time of your life, drinking things that are usually used to make you forget. And there you have it. A recap of our journey “around the world” (or what we remember of it at least).

PS: how fucking cute is Tom?


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