W(h)ine Wednesday: Mac Attack

I’ve sworn myself to Apple products only since I got my first iPhone, whenever the fuck that was (maybe 2009?). I currently have an iPhone 7 Plus, the Apple Watch Series 2, an iPad and a really old MacBook Air from 2010. 

The MacBook Air is my baby. It’s the first laptop I ever had for myself without having to share. It was bought by my grandma and parents. It has sentimental value to me primarily because my grandma and I used to play with the photo booth feature (and I still have the pictures to prove it). 

But what really got me whiny on this Wednesday was the luck, or lack there of, I’ve had with my Apple products lately. Let’s start with my phone. My huge ass pretty and pink iPhone 7 Plus. I’m glad my parents spent so much money on this phone for it to drop from 100% charged to 67% after coming off the charger. Or how about when I attempt to open up my texts, and the fucking phone freezes and just doesn’t work? Is it just coincidence I have all these problems when a new iPhone just came on? 

Moving on to my baby MacKenzie (my laptop), she’s given me a whole mess of problems. We’ll start with her old battery, and how she loses power at an alarming rate. But last night was just the ICING on a cake made by Apple themselves, covered in shit. My laptop charger decided his time was up, just refused to charge my damn computer. While simultaneously freaking out, I ordered a new one for pick up at the Apple Store closest to FiDi (since I work here). So I go and pick up the charger that cost me $86 and open the box to at least make sure it works. 

Well, thank god it did! But when I opened up the screen to really make sure it worked, there it was…. a huge fucking crack in my screen. Now, the fucking GENIUS at the Apple store says, “looks like you got a crack there.” Well, no fucking shit, asswipe. How much do they pay you to state the obvious? 

So here I am, at the bottom of a downward spiral of Apple products. Tune in next week for whatever shit storm I’m going through on W(h)ine Wednesday! 

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