10 Miles

Earlier this year, I made the stupid decision to join Tom in his running expedition. I committed to run the Brooklyn Half in May, as well as a 10k and another 4 miler in April. I finished all those races, ran the Queens 10k in June, a 5k in July, a one mile sprint down Fifth Avenue in early September, and yesterday I ran ten miles through my borough, the Boogie Down Bronx. 

 Prior to the half marathon back in May, I ran only the 10k (6 Miles) and a four mile race through Central Park, not nearly enough training for someone who was about to run their first Half Marathon (13.1 Miles). When I purchased entry to the 10 Mile race, I promised Tom (and myself) that I’d actually train for this race. And what didn’t I do for the Bronx 10 Mile? Train

On Friday, I even took to twitter to make a joke of my attempt to run this race. I think I maybe set out once to run, besides the Fifth Avenue Mile race, and ran 3-4 Miles. And felt like shit afterwards. But even without training, I was determined to run proudly through the place I call Home. 

And you know what I did? Crossed the fucking finish line in under just two hours. Like I literally finished in 1:59:22. Tom made that sound like a big deal, so I’m going to make it one.

After the race I was greeted by Tom, who had finished like half an hour before I did (lol) and his mom, who was amazed that I had once again pulled a race out of my ass. “We’ve created a monster,” she said, speaking about how I had run all those races without setting out independently to run and train.

And here I am, the adreline monster that those Tock’s have made me. Two weeks from now, Tom & I will be running the Staten Island Half. Ask me if I’m going to do any addition training for it. 

Not a chance. 

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