Shame for the Skinny

“You’re really skinny.” ” I can see your ribs.” “Do you have an eating disorder?” “You’re nothing but skin and bones.” “You’re so tiny.”

Shockingly enough, I’m well aware of what I look like. This is just a small sample of comments I’ve dealt with my entire life. And quite honestly, I’m tired of it. Truth is I’ve been skinny basically since I came out of the womb, with my mom telling everyone that I looked like a scrawny little chicken. And here I am, 22 years later, still struggling with body image. I’m 5’6, 116 pounds. A little under weight, at least according to my doctor. But you know what else my doctor says? That I’m healthy, for someone who is often asked if I suffer from anorexia.

I eat a similar proportion to that of a baby dinosaur, constantly shoveling junk food into my mouth. And that’s how it’s been since I can remember. My whole life I’ve been on a steady diet of junk food. Not a single piece of fruit or vegetables (besides potatoes, because then would I even be of Irish descent?) has crossed my lips since whenever I stopped eating baby food. I’ve never once gone out of my way to snack on an apple, peel a banana, eat corn on the cob, nothing. I’ve also never been victim of an eating disorder. But here I am, constantly being criticized for the way my metabolism works.

I never asked to be this skinny. I never asked for the plethora of comments I receive about my weight from anybody. I never asked for it. And I think it’s time that everyone stops skinny shaming.

Skinny shaming:

Shaming someone who is naturally thin by always pointing it out, or making little comments based on their weight with the intention of making them feel shameful about their naturally thin size.

If you’ve gotten to this point and are thinking, “is this bitch serious?” I ask you to stop and think: have you ever once thought what goes through my head when you point out that my ribs are visible? Or how it makes me feel when you ask me if I make myself throw up to maintain my figure? In the same way that people fat shame, skinny shaming is just as damaging.

I am in no way undermining the seriousness of fat shaming, but I am here to say that any kind of body shaming is inherently wrong and offensive. So then next time you tell me I need to eat a cheeseburger, or give somebody a dirty look for eating a cheeseburger, think long and hard about yourself as a human fucking being and have a little bit of compassion.


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