Dear Tom

This sounds likes the start of the Taylor Swift song “Dear John.” Except, I don’t write this with to bash your name and have everyone know that you’re on my shit list.


To my lobster,

Some people say that everything that happens to you is either a blessing or a lesson. For me, you’re both. You came into my life at the time I needed you most, and I can’t thank God enough for that. From staring and laughing at each other in intro to psych, more staring in sport psychology, and finally mustering up the courage to talk to you, I’m so happy I “slid into your DMs.” You continue to show me each and every day how fierce your commitment and love for me is. I could never truly doubt your feelings for me, after all you did say I love you after eight days of dating.

All the memories we’ve made in our two years (or three, according to you) together are things I can’t even begin to name. You’ve shown me places I never thought I’d get to see, taught me things I never could’ve learned at Mville, and am beyond appreciative for the love you have for me. Maybe one day, I”ll take on your thirteen letter last name in a commitment I would make a million times and then some to be yours forever.

You’re my inspiration,  my Wonder Boy, my lobster. I’d be lost without you. I’ve loved you since the day I met you, kind of always have & definitely always will.

Love, for always


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