Declutter, rinse, repeat

I’m the type of person who likes everything to be organized in a very specific way. I’m that person who has to write everything down, and even with doing that the calendar on my phone is stacked with the things I jot down in my planner. But you know what my favorite part of all of this is? Decluttering. Deleting. Destroying the negatives. 

I have the greatest time purging my phone of the negativity that finds my way to my screen. From the text conversations that mean nothing to me anymore, to the pictures I need to forget, to the emails asking me if I’d like to be a test dummy for some new weight loss gummy, I thoroughly enjoy ridding my life of it all.

This also includes purging my following lists for my social media accounts. I don’t follow nearly as many as follow me (I’m just that popular {that’s what we’ll call it, anyway}). And that number dwindles down at least once a week, because who needs that kind of negativity in their life? Definitely not me. 

So if you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of losing my worthy following, sucks to suck. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Peace, love & nuggs,


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