There’s only so much someone can take. After my last fucking meltdown of a blog post, I was hoping things would get better. Breaking news: it hasn’t

I’m tired of being treated like shit by just about everybody. If I sat here and even started to subliminally reference each person, it would turn into a chapter book. But even so, I’m tired of being on the receiving end of some of the shittiest feelings a person can feel. 

I’m tired of people saying one thing, and doing another. It’s just so hurtful when you expect one thing and are met with another. And truthfully speaking, I’m fucking over it. 

Not entirely sure what I did to deserve such shitty behavior towards me, but here I am: Day by day experiencing a new kind of shit storm that pushes me closer to the edge of completely snapping. 

And when that day comes, I’m sure I’ll write about it. Stay tuned

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