Here it goes. This is it. 

My name is Courtney and I truly cannot even begin to explain the things going on in my head. These thoughts echo in my mind, tearing at the wall I put up brick by brick, while I frantically try to put it back together. But I’m going to try. 

I, Courtney,  like all creatures with a beating heart require even the most basic level of attention. I know, crazy of me to expect that from anybody. 

I, Courtney, deserve even the least bit of appreciation from people I go well out of my way for, time and fucking time again. 

I, Courtney, am tired of wasting my time on those who are clearly not deserving of it. I’m tored of going out on a limb for people, only to live with inevitable disappointment of someone I spoke so highly of. 

I, Courtney, need to feel like I’m wanted and worthy, because without that reassurance I will constantly let it resonate in my head, eating away at my already deteriorating confidence.

My name is Courtney and I am tired of being taken for granted. I am worth more than what anyone thinks of me. I am the sun on even the darkest of days. And if you don’t see that, I hope you stay in the dark. 

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