Peers vs. Friends

One of my favorite people recently shared something from one of her psychology classes and it really stuck with me. She showed me the definitions of friends and peers, as seen below:

And it really just got me thinking: how many people in my life are actual friends as per this definition, and how many are just peers? To be fair, most (I said most) people I know from college are just my peers- people I merely graduated and talked to because they were there. I keep up with a very, very selective group of people from my shitty lib arts school, and would like to keep it that way. 

But that’s just my point. Of those in my selective circle, how many consider me anything more than just a peer? It’s interesting to think how many people you call your friends actually consider you to be their friend.

Maybe I’m just out of my mind, maybe I have more peers than friends. But the friends I do have, the true and honest friends (you know who you are), I’ll cherish your friendship until the very end. 

One thought on “Peers vs. Friends

  1. Yes, I notice that peers are too often labels as friends. It makes me wonder why… Is it because we gauge our worth based on the amount of “friends” we have? Is it not offensive to our ACTUAL friends when we call random people “friends”?

    I’ve always been very selective with whom I choose to call my friends. They are not just people I know, but those whom I like and trust and can depend on.

    Your friend’s definition is interesting – both parties should consider a relationship to be an actual friendship.


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