This is the best cover you’ll ever hear

I thank my parents almost daily for raising me on classic rock and good movies. Their tastes passed down directly to me, and even prompted me to take classes in high school and college in relation to my raising. This sounds dramatic, but I’m so glad I know the difference between what good music/movies are and what are absolute garbage (thanks, of course, to both my parents & course of study). 

In high school, I took a film history class as a senior elective. The class was my first of the day every other day, and to be honest I was usually out cold on my desk. However, when we watched The Graduate, I was wide awake, intrigued by Simon & Garfunkel’s seemingly haunting vocals stretched throughout the movie. That being said, “Sound of Silence” is one of my favorite songs. It’s well known because of its opening line, “Hello, darkness my old friend.” And I’m here to say that I’ve been introduced to one of the best covers I’ve ever heard in my life.

Meet Todd Hoffman, a reality tv star on the Discovery Channel following his father’s footsteps in the gold mining industry. 

I invite you to listen to his rendition of “Sound of Silence” and when you’re done, you can thank me for blessing your ears with such talent. 

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