Recently, I’ve been going through some pretty rough times. I haven’t been able to get a grip on my emotions, and regularly take them out on the people I love most.

While scrolling through Pinterest one day adding pins to my unrealistic dream wedding, I came across bullet journal pins from when I tried (and failed miserably) to get a hold on my creativity and life.

But that’s when it hit me: mood journal. I took the time, one of the many journals I hoard, the pens and pencils I bought specifically for my bullet journal and got cracking. I decided to try this for the entire month of December.

First: I made a legend, or a color coded list with a corresponding feeling.

Outlined with washi tape (this becomes your best friend when you do bullet journals, FYI), I used a pretty basic scale for my tracker.

Afterwards, it was time to outline the entire month of December. Figuring I could use some holiday cheer, I tried my best to make a string of lights.

I’m not an artist by any means (peep the “lightbulb” for day 26), but wanted to be a little creative for my first go around! You’ll see that my first two days are colored in already, corresponding to whatever I was feeling that day. Now, you might ask: Courtney, how were you happy but also unmotivated on the first? And here’s your answer:

Sike! Totally not getting into details. BUT, I decided to list each day of the month individually as you’ll see below:

In keeping with the theme of getting better, I want to be able to be thankful for something/have a reason to smile/know that tomorrow will be better because for each day.

You might think I’m crazy, and yeah, you’re 100% right. But this is my journey to getting better. And if you want to be apart of it, I welcome you to my road to happiness! I promise it’ll be a good one.

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