Dance it out

I spent my Christmas Eve becoming one with my couch. After cutting ties with my maternal grandparents when I was 13, my family hasn’t really had a reason to celebrate Christmas Eve. That was until our closest family friends filled that void, but even they left my clan in the dark after a long tradition.

I’m not even bitter about it. I’m a much better person without having my mom’s parents in my life, probably equally as true for the people we used to call friends. I was bored most of the day though, NFL redzone was only so entertaining and watching the Cowboys get eliminated from playoff contention made me punch a remote (kind of true story).

I eventually moved from the couch to my bedroom. Still pretty bored, not much on tv besides Christmas movies I wouldn’t be caught dead watching. I found a pair of headphones and plugged them in, not in the mood to listen to anything particular, but in the mood to move.

I will admit, I bounced from alternative to country to rap and finally settled with my true love: classic rock. I let the guitars and drums tell me what to move, and danced around the small area in my room without a fucking care in the world. Maybe I was kind of inspired by the whole “dance it out” era on Grey’s.

In the time i spent dancing, I felt really good about myself. Carefree, enjoying myself, okay with being by myself for the first time in a long time.

So in conclusion, I hope you all had a great Christmas Eve. Because I know I made mine better by dancing in my mirror to Fleetwood Mac.

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