A Year in Review: 2017

Based on my super entertaining and emotional blog posts, you might think that this year was absolute garbage. And by God, it fucking was. But among all the pain and hurt I felt in the past 365 days, I also had some super awesome days! Let’s recap:


I started the new year traveling to Ireland. Like literally on New Year’s Day, I got on a plane by myself to study abroad with a school that wasn’t my own. It ended up being one of the greatest experiences of my entire life, I made amazing friends (fuck you, Roosh) and my amazing Tom met me in Ireland to do some exploring of our own. When we got back, we went to Canada to see Dierks Bentley in concert and started my last semester at my beloved now alma mater, Manhattanville.


Tom bought me an ice cream cake that read “stop being mad” and like clockwork, it stopped. It was like magic honestly, damn the powers of an ice cream cake. Tom and I also celebrated Valentine’s Day at the Long Island Aquarium, and I cried over some otters. A post that I wrote for the Odyssey in response to some miserable bitch attacking Disney vacations with your S.O went semi-viral, and we ended the month in the Poconos.


My favorite month because it holds my favorite day of the year – Saint Patrick’s Day. If you didn’t know, I’m super proud of my Irish heritage and will fight literally anybody who comes at me about how St. Patrick was Italian. Yeah, he was but yet you’re still wearing a “kiss me I’m Irish” shirt and using it as an excuse to get drunk. You are canceled.

Anyway, Tom and I went to Chicago to see my Blackhawks on home ice and I legitimately cried when they scored. It was one of the greatest gifts I have every gotten, and exploring a new (amazing) city with my boy was one of my best memories this year. There was also senior toast, which reminded me that I’d be in the real world in a matter of months, so naturally I took a bottle of moscato to the face and celebrated in White Plains with the senior class (but mostly Tom).


I ran my first races for New York Road Runners this month, succumbing to the promise Tom’s mom made that she would get me to run. My mom, Tom and I went to Yankees Opening Day, where the Rays were almost no-hit until my mom straight up jinxed that shit. I was inducted into the international psychology honor society at school, celebrated a Rangers OT loss while pounding back a bucket of Corona’s, and have some gnarly pics to prove it.


I graduated fucking college. Like walked across stage in a pair of flip-flops to retrieve my diploma. This, of course, was the day after I ran my first half-marathon in Brooklyn and could barely use my legs to get said diploma. It’s cool though, like Nike I did it. Tom did the absolute most amazing thing at our graduation, coming straight over to me after getting his diploma to give me big old kiss which received considerable attention from fellow classmates, professors on stage, but most notably the girl sitting to my right who cried because it was so cute. I went to the Bronx Zoo four fucking times this month, and also went to Montreal with my boy and some friends (we didn’t understand a single fucking word anyone said).


The country mega-ticket started this month, kicking off with Jason Aldean and also including my man Dierks Bentley. A shit ton of people came out to celebrate mine, my brother and Tom’s graduations, I ran a 10k in Queens, went to the beach quite a few times and also bought a membership to the Bronx Zoo!!! I also started my master’s degree at Saint Leo University, which I think is pretty fucking cool.


I did something I said I would never do: died my hair blonde. Went to the beach and zoo a few more times, took a much needed weekend off in Lake George with my boy, ran a fucking 5k INSIDE Yankee Stadium where I got to run on the warning track, it was such a cool month. I also got to see Eagles, Journey and Fleetwood Mac at the Classic East Tour at Citi Field and legitimately cried when the opening chords to “Hotel California” played.


August started at a impromptu trip to Yankee Stadium, a Brad Paisley concert and meeting an alpaca in the middle of a crowded street. I hung out on the beach in Breezy Point, went to the zoo again, and went to the Subway Series when the Aaron’s on the Yankees saved the mothafuckin’ day. I also went to Florida to drop off my brother at college, but ended up going to the zoo, an aquarium, Epcot and Universal before Tom and his family met me in Disney for another few days. I was legit in Disney with my Prince Charming, and capped off the month with a Luke Bryan concert (where I enjoyed Brett Eldridge more than Luke). Oh, and I finally got my motherfucking license.


Started off the month in Lake George, participated in a super cool sprint down Fifth Avenue and of course went to the Zoo. Tom and I went to the San Gennaro feast, where we ate a lot. We both ran the Bronx 10 mile, which was the first race I ran without him by my side! It was super cool running through my borough, and finishing right outside Yankee Stadium. I also saw Ginger Jesus in concert, and absolutely cried my fucking eyes out (see this post).


I turned 22, and before someone asks: it feels no fucking different than 21. Ran the Staten Island half in absolutely miserable weather (a goddamn monsoon), but was treated to a trip to Florida again where I recovered mostly with warm sun and Malibu Bay Breezes. I saw a game at Amalie Arena, and almost got kicked out for fighting with a Penguins fan. I hit the jackpot on four different arcade games and walked out with almost 4,000 tickets, went to a dog-friendly bar, saw Billy-fucking-Joel at MSG, went to Boston, celebrated two years of love with Tom, and had the coolest fucking Halloween costume as the blue barracudas from Legends of the Hidden Temple.


Tom and his mom are fucking beasts and ran the NYC Marathon, while I watched. It was amazing watching them complete such a feat, and I’m incredibly proud to know them. I did another thing I said I would never do and cut off all my hair. I went to Lake George with Tom, and we took the most adorable old time photos. We went to a Rangers game for his b-day, where we ended up getting lower bowl seats due to a StubHub error, I saw my best friend after she’d been living in Syracuse for almost a full calendar year, and celebrated Thanksgiving with tons of food and those closest to me.


The last one. Kicked off the month at a Ranger game with Tom, finally accepted and started a job at a beer distributor, and got to watch my boy continue to play beer league hockey. I got into a car accident in an Uber (about to secure a BAG), started my journey to mental health stability, and made some really cute reindeer and snowmen cupcakes. I celebrated Christmas with my family and friends, got some cool shit and ate some good food. Tonight, December 31, I’ll ring in the New Year freezing my ass cheeks off with Tom in Central Park volunteering at a race (that’ll then qualify me for the 2018 NYC Marathon).

And there you have it. While I may have posted a lot of bad things about this year, I also (clearly) had some really good times too. In this new year, I’m hoping to always look at the brighter side of things. I want to go into the new year with a clean slate, clear mind and an open heart. Maybe I’ll even start to use the gym membership I’ve been paying for (TBA).


2018 will be better. Mark my words.

From deep down in the depths of the black hole that is my heart, I wish you all (you know, my four consistent readers) the happiest of New Year’s.

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