You are everything

Like most people, I’ve binge watched seen The Office in its entirety. Though the show is primarily watched for the dry humor and antics of Jim and Dwight, it’s really important to look at all the potential real life scenarios that take place in the show as well. I think one of the best moments I can think of for this comes at the very end of the show, so if you haven’t seen it up until season 9 – consider this your spoiler alert.

So for some background, Jim is off in Philly working for Athlead leaving Pam and the kids back in Scranton to fulfill his dream. Things are rocky between them, fighting constantly with Pam even insinuating the what Jim is doing is only for himself. But it’s from this tumble in their relationship that brings on of the best Office moments (in my opinion, I mean). Click here to jog your memory, or read my description below:

Jim had the camera crew put together a DVD montage of moments of him & Pam throughout the duration of being filmed. Jim leaves Pam sitting in the break room with the DVD and laptop while Jim assists Dwight with a personal issue of his own, when Pam grows impatient and watched the DVD. The montage contains some of the sweetest moments of their relationship, including the time she fell asleep on his shoulder…MI6Asnowhen he proposes to her outside the gas station…Although-hed-planned-propose-New-York-Jim-cant-wait-anyand when they find out that she’s expecting their first child…tumblr_nzmyojDRrc1s3760no4_400.gif

By the time she finishes the video, Jim returns from helping Dwight and she (and I, and probably everyone else watching) is in tears. Jim finally gives her the note that was supposed to be in the teapot during the holiday party wayyyyyy back in season one (I think?) and tells her everything she needs to know is in that note. She begins to cry more (so do I), especially when Jim questions her for believing she’s not enough for him and says “you are everything.”

By the time you get through watching the video or reading my take on it, you’ll probably find yourself in tears. Which is cool, because while I’m sitting here writing this I’m bawling like a baby.

The truth is, I sympathize a lot for Pam when she thinks that she’s not enough. I often find myself feeling that I’m not enough, with my self worth dropping dangerously low. I find myself seeking validation and acceptance from everyone around me, but mostly craving the those feelings from those most important to me. Why am I not enough? It’s an issue I’ve struggled with for a very, very long time.

But I guess the happy part of my story is that now, I’m reminded that I am enough. And while there are days that I am doubtful of myself, there is someone to remind me that I am. So to those people who pick me up and help put me back together and make me feel like I am everything and more – thank you. I love you.

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