I love you (and hate you), St. Patrick’s Day

If you don’t know by now, my Irish heritage is something I’m extremely proud of. I had the opportunity to study in Ireland last January and it was the greatest trip I’ve ever been on. Seeing the absolute beautiful country my Grandma grew up in legitimately brought tears to my eyes. The love for my family’s homeland is something I hope to pass on to my kids (if & when that day comes). I love being Irish and everything that comes with it.

However, I have the biggest love/hate relationship with St. Patrick’s Day, and even “Faddy’s Day” as in fake St. Patrick’s Day. A day meant for the celebration of, you guessed it, Saint Patrick has turned into the biggest reason to be a drunk and disorderly asshole every March 17. From the sheer ignorance of people who must comment on how Saint Patrick was actually Italian (but use the day as an excuse to forget their own name), to those who wear disgustingly offensive shirts asking me to “shake my shamrocks.”

These slogans and phrases etched on shirts, hates, shot glasses, temporary tattoos, you get my goddamn point, push unbelievably offensive stereotypes about the Irish. We’re known to be drinkers, and I can say I’ve seen it (and lived it), but don’t use a day meant to celebrate Irish heritage to embrace these horribly wrong slogans and stereotypes.

I’m all for anyone having a good time, and if being drunk is how you want to spend your day, be my guest. But this stereotype is so underserved, regardless of what you might think you know about Irish people, their culture, and how they act on Saint Patrick’s Day. Try listening to the bagpipes, respecting those who embrace our real culture. Try a traditional Irish meal, you might have a heart attack from the abundance of salt but I promise it’s worth it. Try, I don’t know, not being a ridiculously offensive asshole by using my Irish heritage as a reason for you to forget your name.

And my God, try no, actually definitely do not tell me to shake my shamrocks. Because the only thing that will be shaking is you after my 100-pound self absolutely rips you a new asshole for saying something so horribly offensive.

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