W(h)ine Wednesday: It’s Back!

My W(h)ine Wednesday series is back, people! I guess it’s a good sign that it’s been a few months since writing here, things must be going fabulous for Carbie (kind of are, but hey, there’s always something!)!

Today, on my first day back from hiatus of W(h)ine Wednesday, I’ve got a couple things that are ~grinding my gears~.

Let me start with this – Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Was anybody offended by me stating that? The University of Notre Dame – mostly known for their academics,  athletic teams termed “the Fighting Irish” and, of course , Rudy – has come under fire for being racist.

That’s right. Apparently now leprechauns are racist. More specifically, by this one:


That is, according to this article I just read.

My last post was literally about how I love being Irish and hate the stereotypes surrounding the culture. I’m sure most of my fellow Irishmen (and women) would agree with me about the horrible stereotypes we get branded with. But I have never once heard an Irish man or woman say that they were offended by Notre Dame branding their sports teams with “the Fighting Irish.” Because, if anything, most Irish people cheer for Notre Dame just because it has “Irish” in the name.

I think this is much different than the Cleveland Indians and Chief Wahoo, or even the Washington Redskins being called just that – the Redskins. Because those are derogatory terms for Native Americans and they absolutely 100% should be changed. The idea of a leprechaun being racist has my brain slowing down.  Notre Dame has argued,

The university is highlighting its own heritage rather than appropriating imagery from others. By embracing the Fighting Irish moniker, moreover, Notre Dame transformed an epithet into a source of pride. That’s why generations of Catholic immigrants struggling to find their place in America cheered every Notre Dame gridiron victory as their own.

And I gotta say – I’m on Notre Dame’s side. Because all this (nonsense) about a leprechaun being “racist” has me sitting at my desk like this:


Next chapter! Apparently, Doritos wants to make ~lady friendly~ chips that don’t crunch. I mean because as a lady crunch-less chips is the perfect substitute for something women actually want like, I don’t know, equal pay in the workplace?

Live look at me writing this blog:

source.gifSeriously, Doritos? SERIOUSLY?! Crunch-less chips for women?! Who signed off on this?! Who’s IDEA was this?! I JUST WANNA TALK.

Lastly – Lululemon. Damn, their clothes make me want to actually utilize the gym membership that I pay for. But, who the fuck do they think they are charging over $100 for a pair of fucking leggings?

THEY ARE LEGGINGS. Please take it down several notches with the prices. Their CEO just got fired for some kind of misconduct, and I can’t wait to read about what it exactly was. Maybe they company will start to swirl the drain and I can afford their clothes without needed to sacrifice my first born. In a perfect world.

I don’t know about any of you reading – but I’m a hell of a lot more offended about the “lady-friendly” chips and the ridiculous prices at Lululemon than I am about a fucking leprechaun supposedly being racist. This Wine Wednesday, I’ll be kicking it back with some Barefoot Moscato. Mostly celebrating the fact that I got offered a new job (and a considerable salary increase!!!) this morning, but also trying to forget the sheer stupidity of a “racist leprechaun” and “lady friendly chips.”


Carbie C

*This post blatantly explains my own opinion. In no way do I intend to offend anyone who may agree with the article/opinion I am commenting on.*

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